What does it mean when someone you are crushing on and talking to are not replying your text fast enough? What does it mean when he suddenly stops contacting you after your first date? What does it mean when he stops asking for your selfies? What did you do? What could have possibly gone wrong?

It’s so annoying isn’t it? The way these negative thoughts lurk in your head? You try to look disinterested, you try not to appear that you’re head over heels for the guy, but that always seems to be the problem. You can’t hide your true feelings from him. And he, being a guy, knows when you are crushing on him. And he, being a guy, would run away from you.

It could be the commitment that most guys are so intimidated of. It could also be the new-found ‘control’ that he is suddenly in? Or just the idea of being with you; and not be single. Harsh.

When this happens, just know when to back away. Know when to stop asking him where he is and why he isn’t replying your text. Or why he is constantly bailing out on you whenever you ask him out. Or why he is only promising to meet you but never really make an effort to actually see you.


“The saddest thing for a girl to do is to dumb herself down for a guy.” – Emma Watson

All I’m trying to say is, know your worth. If the feeling is mutual, he won’t hesitate to talk to you. He won’t look for sad excuses just so he could get away from seeing you. Before you find yourself falling even deeper for him, find yourself a reason to back away from the heartache.