The sky is awfully clear tonight
I see not one star in sight
The night though, is oddly bright
I am out here, basking in the moonlight.

It’s chilly and warm, tonight
I know that you’re near, you’re here, right by my side
You’re my company, my lonely, if not forever, just for one night.

Know this, know that I am deeply sad
For this life, this world now doesn’t feel right
I shouldn’t be blue, no, not for tonight
Cause you’re near, you’re here right by my side.

I have missed you
Greatly and truly so
I hope you are too
Though it’s silly; you couldn’t really show.

Your stories, I cling to
I don’t dare to let go
I’d like to think that you’re them, and they’re you
You’re with me and I know.

Will you always be near, be here, right by my side?
For I’ll always be out here, basking in the moonlight.