Never thought I would ever write a post from a hospital bed but I am now. I am doing perfectly fine, for those who are wondering. It’s my mom who’s not feeling too good.

I am not quite sure what to write but I suppose I should tell you why she’s admitted here.

She has a tumor growing in her uterus; a condition they call fibroid. It’s apparently quite common and can happen to every woman of any age. My friend used to have it when she was just 17. My mom is 51.

My mom found out she has fibroid a few months back. She wasn’t too concern about it as it was quite small; 3 cm big if I’m not wrong. Even the doctor told her not to worry. But then she started to get her period at odd times, and due to severe bleeding, her period lasts longer than 14 days. Now, the fibroid has grown to 6 cm big.

To treat this, she needs to undergo fibroid surgery. But the situation is quite tricky because my mom is diabetic. Because of that and the severe bleeding, she will get a blood transfusion. Then only the surgery can take place.

She’ll undergo the surgery on Friday and I can tell that she’s really anxious. I’ve told her time and time again that everything is going to be alright. I told her not to worry but deep down, I’m worried sick.

I hope everything will turn out okay. May Allah ease. ❤

Ps: My mom and I will be sleeping in room 315-B for the next few days!