“From strangers to friends to strangers again.”

When you first said hi to me, I never knew we were going to hit it off so quickly but we did.

I remember writing a piece on dealing with depression and you asked me if I was depressed. You told me you once were.

It’s kinda crazy, looking back, we were both so broken and bitter. We both needed someone to talk to, at the time. And we found each other.

I never had trouble sharing my problems because you were always so open. Open to listen, open to giving me advice. Most importantly, you never judged me for being me.

We went from never knowing what each other looked like, to exchanging phone numbers, sharing photos and Skype calling each other very late at night.

I know there’s no such thing as perfect but I really thought you and I were. We were such good friends, no more, no less. Yet, to me, that was enough.

When we finally met, we spent the whole day shopping for books. I took you to a book fair and you wanted to go to the biggest bookstore in KL, so I took you there too. Bunch of nerds. Haha.

Before we parted ways, I gave you a book from a poet I love. I got it the day before we met and kept it in my bag the whole time we were out.

At the very last page, I had written something on a bright colored sticky note for you to see.

“I love the fact that in the midst of all the chaos and our hectic lives; we managed to find each other.”

It’s ironic that the friendship we had was brief. Somewhere along the way, we simply lost each other.

It’s weird that after a few months, I suddenly saw your name as I was scrolling on Twitter. We no longer followed each other there but your tweet was retweeted by the poet. You posted a photo of the book I gave you and quoted it with the very same note I wrote.

I couldn’t help but check your Instagram account and sure enough, there it was. The photo with a much longer caption of how you got the book and how you wish things were different.

As someone who strongly believes in signs and the Universe, I wonder, was that a sign? Can things be mended?