“The mind is a terrible place.”

I have to constantly remind myself that.

Otherwise, I would forget.
Otherwise, I would let it overwhelm me in the worst way.
Otherwise, I could go insane.

Whenever I feel like it is slowly clawing the insides of my skin and making up things inside my head, I would go to extreme lengths to not let it ruin me.

The mind is a dark place. It is important that you look for the light, no matter how scarce it may seem at the time.

There really is no trick or a way out of it. You just have to be really good at being unbothered by it all.

You should also learn to let people in.

Too many people shy away from the crowd and feel the need to be all alone.

No one, not one person, deserves to carry that much burden and not have anybody else to ease their suffering.

Let people in. Let the light in.
And you will see that the place isn’t so terrible and dark after all.