Having read a few books by Haruki Murakami, I half-expected Hear The Wind Sing to be somewhat complex. Murakami is an expert at bringing out sadness and loneliness to readers, therefore, I was slightly surprised to see that it was light and has a very carefree ring to it.

There isn’t a lot of characters in the story; perhaps because it is only a novella. But it is his very first work. So, if you haven’t tried reading a book by Murakami,  go ahead and start with this one.

In this book, you have the nameless narrator, his close friend known as The Rat, a bartender named J and a woman with nine fingers (also, nameless). The story revolves around the narrator’s life: lots of visits to the bar, lots of drinking, sex, summer experiences—basically before the narrator goes to further his study in the city.

Hear The Wind Sing is closely followed by another novella that is Pinball, 1973. Most bookstores have these joint novellas with the title Wind/Pinball. That is the kind that I picked up a little over four months ago.

I have yet to start reading Pinball, 1973 though. I will try to put up a short review on it once I’m done.

PS: Happy World Book Day guys!